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Noah Goes Mobile

Tomorrow our little pudgy guy hits the 7-month-mark, and much to his parents surprise, has decided to take mobility into his own hands – or knees, as it were. He has figured out how to scoot around quite well, quickly progressing from a lot of backward-crawling (inefficient, to say the least) to a full fledged – I’m gonna get that toy across the room and you’re not going to stop me technique. Amy insisted that I must blog this, as I’ve been quite remiss in my Noah updates. So there you have it! Photos, and some video, coming soon, I promise!

Amy’s Update: we are now into real food! Noah prefers freshly mushed pears to the jar variety, and it’s less sloppy which makes clean-up so much easier. I guess I should steam some carrots next. We’ve started a few hand signs to get him used to “more”, “eat”, “milk” and “all done”. It worked with Sam and made communicatin a breeze.