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Noah’s Birthday Recounted


It’s now midday Saturday, and Noah and Amy continue to rest comfortably. A HUGE thanks to all the kind words from our families and friends who’ve been in touch. We love all of you so much!  Here’s the lowdown on how things transpired yesterday.

Midday on Friday, while Amy was with Sam at the playground post-Music Class (his fave activity of the week, ‘natch), Amy thought her water had broken. By early afternoon, she was pretty sure that was the case. A call to her ob-gyn led to a quick trip home from work for Dad to watch Sam, and a quick trip for Amy to the doc’s office to see what was up. They confirmed that her membranes had broken, and that given the time elapsed since the break without any signs of active labor combined with the risk for infection as time goes by, a c-section was in our immediate future. While Amy was admitted to the hospital and a non-stress test was administered, Dad was running around, putting car seats in the Rover, getting all our bags in the car, and dropping Sam off at (god-bless great friends!) the Silverman’s. That led to a somewhat aggressive drive through rush-hour-traffic up to Piedmont Hospital for Dad. From go to arrival, I made it in 45 minutes. Not too shabby.

So while Sam was out at Tot Shabbat at Shearith Israel, Amy and I were talking to Dr. Fisch, and settled on the c-section. Not what any of us wanted, but it was the right thing to do given the circumstances. Just means Dad has to do more fetching and hauling when we get home. Amy’s gone through this before, and I know she will be a trooper again this time.

As soon as the O.R. was clear, off we went again. Knowing how this all worked from 2005 certainly helped, and the doctors and nurses have been absolutely wonderful. And Noah is a beautiful little guy, feeding well, providing Dad with plenty of nasty merconium diapers (who knew the human body could produce tar?), and cooing at all the right times.

Check out the photos individually below, or click here for a slideshow.

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