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Happy Birthday to GPCP

We marked the birth of the new Cabbagetown campus as well as the 7th birthday of the Grant Park lcoation with the annual Grant Park Cooperative Preschool Birthday Party this Saturday. The party was held this year at the Cabbagetown campus playground where the C-town kids have spent the last couple of days getting to know their new home away from home. There was a wonderful Nigerian drummer ‘Bisi’ who entranced all the kids, collage-making, lots of FOOD, and good company. Click here to see a collection of photos from the event.

Dining out for the Preschool


Grant Park Cooperative Preschool parents Jack and Kim Sobel graciously offered to donate 15% of the night’s proceeds from their newest restaurant, the Cajun-inspired Redfish, toward the start up costs for the new Cabbagetown campus. Above, our friend Laura tries to entertain her daughter Shoshanna AND eat dinner at the same time. Always a difficult task, alas. Amy, Sam and I headed over for a lovely meal (mmmm, shrimp and grits!) amid many rowdy children. A good time was had by all! More photos are here.