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Joey Talks VAST & VPAID

Here’s an excerpt from a talk I gave to a room of about 400 folks at the Interactive Ad Bureau’s Digital Video Summit a few weeks ago in NYC, speaking about my work as co-chair of the IAB Digital Video Committee and the standards that org has developed over the last 15 months or so. Hopefully it makes some semblance of sense, although without the slides I was speaking about, it’s a little tough to follow. If I get around to it, I’ll refer to them here as well.

Election Night

So much has been said about the 2008 Election already – I don’t have much to add. Let’s just say that Sam is very happy that ‘Mr Obama’ as he calls him came out on top. I had the pleasure of working out of the CNN.com newsroom on the big night, which for our purposes was something of a sleeper – with polls pretty much clearly indicating who was going to win, we didn’t melt down the internet (or our ad serving) quite the way we thought we might. We were more than prepared for anything that might happen – in the end it was just a pleasure to see how things unfolded.