GPCP Fall Photos, 2010 Edition


Another year, another installment of portraits of the children at the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool.

In a continuing trend, my frame count rose from 1600 in 2008 and 1800 in 2009 to over 2000 this year – and I think we managed to get everyone. Many thanks to my friend Joel Silverman (an amazing commercial photographer) for lending his lighting gear, as well as to all the volunteers who kept things rolling. It was all wonderful until I threw out my back moving one of those massive planters at the Grant Park campus – hopefully the physical therapy will cure that issue soon. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

A few children were photographed outside of their class time slot or were given more time to regain their composure, so you may find photos of your tots in non-consecutive order. Leaf through the  galleries to be sure you’ve seen all there is to see!

Also, please note that  these images have only been briefly color corrected and retouched. Once you pick your images, I will review them again for color accuracy, cropping, etc, so don’t be deterred if you think your little one looks too light or dark, etc. And remember that these images will work great at any size

To order prints: please download this PDF file and complete per instructions there. Checks made out to GPCP can be dropped into the envelope in either campus office  marked “Fall Pictures Orders” by Friday, December 3rd. Remember, all proceeds benefit the GPCP, so order plenty for all your family, friends and loved ones!


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