Twitter Updates for 2009-11-16

  • Back in NYC. No offense to the locals, but hope it’s last tri this year! (@ LGA Delta Terminal in NYC) #
  • This taxi is scary. Minivan w jack-in-the-box springs 4 shocks, driver setting ground-speed record & every warning light on dash is on! #
  • At the #iabnet AdOps summit. We’re in your ads and making them work! (@ Roosevelt Hotel in NYC) #
  • Google’s Adrian D’Souza says that digital ad operations has 2 get it rt – the future of all media buying will flow through R systems #iabnet #
  • RT @BW_Comm: IAB Releases “Vast 2.0,” Streamlines Process of Serving Digital Vid’ #iabnet #
  • ABO: Always Be Optimizing! Based on the Y!Slow tool, Y!Slow for Ads grades ad unit performance. Faster ads = better userexperience #iabnet #
  • Noah Brier of Barbarian Group thinks about digital video advertising as a canvas – but very few take advantage of tht capability #iabnet #
  • AdFormats panel talking abt difficulty w ‘walled-garden’ vid measurement. VAST 2.0 out 2day, shld simplify. #iabnet #

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