Twitter Updates for 2009-04-08

  • @lische mmmmm. We went to the new eastside spoon Sunday. Great add to our hood! #
  • up before dawn as vacation gets under way. it’s quiet. too quiet. #
  • ready to board DL4979 for Rochester. Forecast is for snow, just like yesterday in Atlanta! #
  • Flurries in Rochester. Imagine that. It’s still vacation! #
  • @stewartcink good luck with the Par-3. Here’s to breaking the curse. #
  • Snowing in Rochester. #
  • even on 3G, the Masters iPhone app is showing sweet video from the Par3. #masters #
  • This is a Twitter-free Seder. Not so much Google free however – useful for fact-checking the publication date of the Haggadah. #

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