I’ve been on a baking binge of late after re-reading ‘Beard on Bread’ by James Beard, that classic of baking from the 70s. After two outstanding batches of Monkey Bread (think coffee cake) I decided to go old-skool with some simple challah. For my first attempt in well, ever – I think they came out looking outstanding. The test will be in the tasting later after they cool.
Challah, originally uploaded by jetrotz.


2 thoughts on “Challah”

  1. I usually make this for Easter, in an ecumenical way 😉

    Look up Peter Reinhart’s book if you haven’t already. He rules. Rose Levy Berenbaum is good but his formulas and techniques are much more down-to-earth and I think tested more thoroughly (sez someone who has been a recipe tester for his new book). His pizza dough and bagel formulas are excellent.

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