Twitter Updates for 2009-03-09

  • great meal at Upperline, missed Rubicon at Old Absinthe. Now 1 Pat O’Briens Hurricane in me, sleep beckons #admonsters #
  • Awoken by the sound of a streetcar, hoping we have Cafe du Monde coffee and beignets for bfast! #admonsters #
  • adops challenges have changed. not just managing growth, but truly managing. beeler speaking at #admonsters #
  • memes for #admonsters: networks – build/ban? agencies good/bad? what the hell is semantic search? how do we grow rev, cut costs? #
  • truth is, everyone is in sales and everyone is in customer service – peter naylor, nbcu #admonsters #
  • warning friends on fbook – i’ll be posting ad industry updates from a conference today. might be somewhat ‘inside baseball’. apologies. #
  • peter naylor gives a shout-out to @r2rothenberg around need to bring creative impact to digital advertising #admonsters #
  • i am not twittering about any confidential industry standards. #admonsters #
  • cease operations and leave the building. fire alarm at the ritz #admonsters #
  • Sarah Gomez presents a great overview of the NBCU Heroes full episode player. VPAID and VAST support coming soon! #admonsters #iabnet #
  • jen tao of bebo talking about the engagement metrics they are providing for sponsorships #admonsters #
  • and the first day of meetings at #admonsters is done. speed dating and dinner up next. #
  • For my wife,, clarifying that speed dating tonight is with ad technology vendors. #AdMonsters #

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