Thundersnow in Atlanta

I think it’s been some twenty years since I actually experienced that rare phenonmenon known as ‘thundersnow.’ But that’s just what we had today in Atlanta. Aside from it being March, and that we haven’t had an accumulating snowfall in at least four+ years, the thundersnow was icing on the cake. It’s so eerie the way the sound is muffled by the thick, heavy snow. I’ll never forget a nighttime storm in Boston years ago when I was out photowalking, and saw lightning illuminating the inside of the snow clouds. Amazing. Don’t expect this storm to have enough legs to make it to the evening hours here – it reportedly is going to even dust my hometown of Savannah after midnight tonight. Craziness.

Photos above are from a brief walk around Grant Park with Sam this afternoon. Both his shoes and my own were quickly soaked through from the copious amounts of slushy mix on the ground. Sam (and dad) enjoyed it immensely.

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