Noah @ 10 months

Noah, 10 Months
So much to say about our littlest man of the house. A few weeks ago, he began standing up on his own – balancing remarkably well, mind you – and now, has added an additional degree of difficulty by demonstrating his new ability to clap! 

He is so proud whenever he does this – I’m determined to catch this on video sometime soon. 

We now have a great routine with him at bedtime, where he loves to read his animal kisses and noisy farm books. He turns the pages, pats the tactile animals, and even pushes down hard enough to make the mouse squeak – a trick his parents didn’t even realize was part of the book until Sam was about a year old. 

He and Sam are best of friends, and we constantly find them making each other laugh, to the others’ delight. Tonight in fact, Noah gave Sam the cutest kiss on the cheek when Sam was trying to entertain him at the end of dinner. Those two are going to be thick as thieves as they grow older – and Amy and I are going to have to fend pretty hard for ourselves. Amy does keep reminding Sam that whenever he takes away a toy or bop him, Sam’s only teaching Noah to give it right back someday. Sam doesn’t quite appreciate this concept – yet. 

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