Doug Vogel, 1972-2008

VOGEL & THRASH, originally uploaded by jetrotz.

Update:  Doug’s obituary has been published in the Johnstown, PA Tribune Democrat, his hometown paper. Memorials to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis, 1251 Waterfront Place, Fifth Floor, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222 would be appreciated.

This is my old friend and co-worker Doug Vogel doing what he loved to do most – sitting back, wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey and watching some good hockey action circa 1999. The Thrashers mascot polishing his bald head is a nice touch I must say, and makes me recall the soft side of Doug – he could be tough as nails, but had a great sense of humor. I learned this morning that Doug passed away in his sleep suddenly last night after a few days of flu-like symptoms – he was far too young and had far too much in front of him to go at such an early age. Jon Anderson, another former CNN/SI developer, noted that he learned from Doug’s family that he had suffered from cystic fibrosis – something he never let most folks know. Doug was just a regular guy – hanging with the boys, playing stupid video games (Goldeneye, anyone?), and prowling Buckhead getting into stupid alcohol-fueled misadventures. He certainly lived life to it’s fullest, leaving CNN/SI to pursue the startup life on the West Coast, but post-bubble, heading to the midwest for a job with a government contractor in Kansas City. Doug is the second of the ‘originals’ to pass away after Jon Barkan’s passing in December. Our thoughts and prayers remain with their families and friends.

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  1. My condolences. That’s some very bad news. It’s unfortunate to now lose two formers co-workers in the span of just a few months. He will be missed.

  2. Thank you for sharing this pic! This is how I will always picture DV. Always smiling and staring back at you with a twinkle in his eye! He enjoyed life and lived every moment to the fullest. Doug was originally from Pittsburgh before moving to Atlanta to join the web development staff at CNN. He often talked about his friends there and enjoyed staying in touch with them via fantasy football and the like. He spent some time in Seattle too, but didn’t like the dot com bust life of the west coast so he traded it in for an more consistent flavor in Kansas City. I loved talking with Doug and experiencing life with him. He was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. The guy was the most loyal friend any one could hope for. I learned tonight from speaking with his family that Doug suffered from cystic fibrosis, a revelation he would only reveal to a select few. I’m sure he didn’t want to reveal this to his friends because he wanted to be treated like any other person. DV may you rest in peace! I will never forget the numerous fun times we shared together. God Bless!

  3. We want to thank everybody involved in producing this tribute, and for all the kind comments. Doug jr’s passing was an absolute shock for us, and it will take a long time to recover from his loss.
    It was wonderful to learn that Doug had so many friends in Atlanta, Kansas City, and Seattle.
    He will be sadly missed.

  4. Yo, Dugles. My heart is saddened today. My fellow CNNSI webmaster. My friend forever, I will miss you. Many nights spent playing Goldeneye with Shane and Joey and Randy until 4 in the morning. Many tired mornings at work. Thanks for being a loyal, true, honest friend. A rarity. Rest in peace…

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words about my brother, Doug. I’m not able to describe in words what our family has been through these past two days, but hearing that my brother led a life full of fun, friends, and good times has been such a comfort.

    I’m sure that these next few days will be some of the hardest of our lives, but knowing that his life was as accomplished as it was and that he was surrounded by friends is a blessing.

    I miss you, brother. Even though we butted heads on more than one occassion, I knew you would always be there for me. Just know that your niece and nephew love and miss you. Every time Nick plays piano, I will think of you. He is your mini-me in so many ways.

    I miss and love you.

    Your sister

  6. My wife Lori and I both worked with Doug at CSC over the years. With Lori working in the same section and having gotten to know him even better than me. Dougs passing came as a nearly incomprehensible shock to both of us, and we are both very saddened to acknowledge that we have lost a friend in this world, but are comforted knowing that he will be waiting for us in the next.

    Randy and Lori Burgard

    I wrote the following Poem in 1999, when I lost my stepdad and uncle suddenly in an automobile accident…My family found it very comforting as time passed and I hope you will as well.

    In loving memory

    And then one day we woke up
    And the whole world had changed
    We all came together
    And we held each other tight
    And our tears filled the room
    While we realized how much we loved
    And will always miss you
    And we looked to each other for strength
    But we didn’t know what to do or say
    So we held each other tight
    And hoped it would hurt a little less
    With each passing day
    And now it’s been a few days
    And I still don’t know what to say
    But my heart hurts a little less
    Than it did yesterday
    So we’ll keep you alive in our hearts
    And we’ll try to make you proud
    Because we know
    That you’re still watching us
    And loving us
    And missing us right now
    And we’ll tell our daughters
    And our sons of you
    And all the wonderful things you’ve done
    And we promise to live
    And love
    And laugh
    And play
    Until we see you again

    Written in Memory of Dan Desindes (my step-dad and my “Bro”), as well as my Uncle Joe whom died at his side in September of 1999.

    Further dedicated to friends, Jacob Neal and Doug Vogel, that we lost way too early.

  7. I never had the chance to really get to know Doug, as he worked in a different area than i did… but from the few times our paths crossed, it was apparent he was not only very intelligent but had a great sense of humor. I know all of his friends here in KC miss him terribly. Rest In Peace.

  8. Wow, finding out a friend has died is the worst. Finding out two years after the fact is even worse. So sorry to hear of Doug’s passing. I enjoyed working, laughing and talking hockey with him. RIP, friend.

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