Cracked iPhone

Cracked iPhone, originally uploaded by jetrotz.

Not mine – coworker’s. Still works just fine.

One thought on “Cracked iPhone”

  1. 1) To smash your iPhone, place it in a shirt pocket and do a clumsy dismount from your motorcycle in the Techwood parking deck. The iPhone should fall out of the pocket and land face down on the concrete. Observe the spidered and broken glass.

    2) Read up on Google about repairing iPhones. Most 3rd party repair sites will charge around $170 for a full lcd and screen replace. Find out that Apple stores charge $250 to swap your broken one with a new phone and decide to go that route.

    3) Get to the Apple store. Discover that you have to make an appointment with a technician to do the swap. Make the appointment for an hour later. Decide that next time you break your phone you’ll make the appointment online, ahead of time.

    4) Return to the Apple store at the appointed time. Half jokingly ask if you can pay $350 and upgrade to the 16gb. Use puppy dog eyes if the clerk is of the opposite sex. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

    5) Pay only $200 for a brand new iPhone after the clerk finds out that the swap price has been lowered after the advent of the 16gb phone.

    6) Go buy a plastic cover for the phone and hope that will prevent it from sliding so easily out of your shirt pocket next time.

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