What a mensch

Every day Amy and I keep saying that we must catch up and report on Mr. Sam’s latest tricks. About two weeks ago, he floored us both by beginning to string words together into simple sentences. I realize that doesn’t sound earth shattering, but to hear him say ‘Pick me up’ or ‘More Cat Hat’ is both cute and amazing to his doting parent. He’s gone on to basically stop using his sign language over the last month. Sometimes it’s a game to ask him what he wants – followed by the cutest ‘ohhhh kaayyyy’ with a beautiful smile that spreads across his face. He’s also gone on to name all his favorite songs (esp. all the tracks on Philadelphia Chickens). And he has his own names for his favorite books – ‘Pants’ for a quirky British picture book about underpants, ‘Peak-book’ for his peek-a-boo baby book, and of course ‘Cat Hat’ for – well you get the idea. There are more miscellaneous photos of his cuteness from various moments in early December here.

At right, you can see Sam engaging in his latest fave activity – watching a cute Cat in the Hat game/animation I picked up at the Lenox Apple Store. In fact, every time he sees daddy with his MacBookPro, he inevitably asks for ‘Cat Hat!’

I must also report one unfortunate incident that probably bothered Dad more than Sam. As we often do, Amy put Sam in the shower with me on Sunday morning. I was rushed to get ready that afternoon to leave for NY, and absentmindedly set my razor on the shower bench. Normally, Sam doesn’t pay any attention to anything there, but in 5 seconds flat, he’d grabbed it while my back was turned and cut himself. He had never bled before, and it was obvious that he was both frightened and in some pain. It hurt so much to see it, and I of course felt responsible for it. Amy had of course planned ahead for this, and the Sesame Street Band-Aids came to the rescue, with Cookie Monster, Bert and Grover all there to comfort him. He kept repeating the words ‘boo-boo’ over and over again, even after he’d taken a nap. All is well now, although Sam’s first boo-boo will live with us all for a while.

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