Head to the Mountains!

We headed off to Blue Ridge, GA, a small community about 90 miles northwest of Atlanta the weekend of the 13th to catch some color (in terms of foliage), relax with some great friends, eat some great food (courtesy of Joel’s deft touch in the kitchen) and let all our kids get to know each other better. We joined three wonderful families – the Silvermans, the Newmans and the Simons – and had an awesome time. Lessons learned – Apple Festivals can be ‘apples optional’, I still don’t know what a ‘jacket of legs’ actually is, and either my GPS is faulty or I am. Click here for a photo gallery of us chillin’ by the lake in the mountains. If I ever get around to it, we plan to let the town of Ellijay know they really don’t have the whole concept of running a shuttle bus to their event working all that well -but Sam does love the little wooden car we brought home! We plan on making this an annual event – perhaps in our fave little neck of the woods (literally) around Highlands, NC – next time around.

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