Super Grover at CNN Center


Heading to lunch at my favorite Asian fast food joint at work on Thursday, blobfetch.asp.jpg I noticed an awful lot of disembodied Elmo heads floating around the CNN Center atrium. Ah, I thought – Sesame Street Live is in town. And, since Sam seems to be infatuated with Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster and the rest of the clan, I thought he’d just love to head out on Saturday morning – plus that should work as a good way to tire him out since I had baby-duty the rest of the day while Amy played two performances of Beauty and the Beast at the Fox. The storyline featured Grover SuperGrover getting the help of all his buddies in trying to find his lost “superness.” Despite the audio being way too loud, especially for a bunch of kids’ ears, the show was a lot of fun. Sam had a grand old time, could barely stop talking to and pointing at his favorite characters and we (of course) came home with one of those giant-headed Elmo balloons. Forgive the photo quality above – it’s with my VX6700 camera phone, and not all that wonderful. But the subject was too cute to pass up.

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