AdOps Summit I


Big thanks go out to Dan Murphy (above) and Adrian D’Souza (along with Matthew Goldstein – more on that later) for organizing the first meeting of the leaders of digital advertising operations from most of the leading players in the industry at C|Net’s offices in San Francisco last week. The discussion was relevant, engaging and well worth our time – and highlights how important our challenges are as more and more revenue is brought to bear on our not-so-‘new’-media. I’m looking forward to our next meeting. For now, here are a few quick snaps from the Monday night dinner at Hawthorne Lane, sponsored by Rapt, a pricing/optimization vendor for the interactive industry. We missed having Matthew in attendance, as he’s left Viacom for a new gig at Tacoda – for now, we’re publisher-only in this group, so Matt was unable to attend after helping organize the event in the first place.

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