MiniReview: A History of Violence

Let’s face it – David Cronenberg is a sick puppy. From the ear-piercing with a hatpin as foreplay in Videodrome, to the various ‘Acts of Violence’ in this flick, each with more and more blood bubbling, spraying and dripping, Cronenberg has shown that he always wants to press boundaries to their limit. That’s not to say that A History of Violence (IMDB, Netflix, Official Site) is overly gratuitous. There is a message in the madness. This is a memorable film, with themes of violence, family and sexuality all intertwined to hold a mirror up to the violence that permeates society today. Viggo Mortensen is great in the lead role, as is Maria Bello. I’m going to call this a ‘social action flick’ – if that is possible – and is best described as intense, sparse, and highlighted by sudden moments of emotion – classic Cronenberg fare.

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