Demolition Day(s)


Parents of kids entering the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool’s new Cabbagetown facility this Fall gathered to gut much of the interior of the building in preparation for renovations through the next few months. Sam will be joining the ‘Cats’ group in just a few months for two days a week. Most enjoyable: knocking down the 2x4s with a mallet. Least fun: pulling up the linoleum flooring. But all in all, a good time for a good cause. I know I’ll be holding this labor over my son’s head in the future. Who knew tearing stuff down could be so much fun?

Sunday 6/4 Update: I’ve added images from day two of ‘demolition’, when we actually began construction activities, putting up drywall, spackling over the screws, and framing out the new doorway and walls for part of the improvements.

Click here to view the full gallery.

4 thoughts on “Demolition Day(s)”

  1. I’m a little creeped out that you were able to pull this together so quickly! That standard cannot be maintained by a tech idiot like me. Great shots, by why didn’t anyone tell me I’m going bald? Someone could have said something.

  2. And then to see that my “comment is awaiting moderation.” Wow. You’ve got the bases covered. Are you from the future? You can tell me.

  3. Joey, Your scaring me; great photos / story line AND uploaded the same day! Is Sam bugging you to go to the new school yet?

    David, I don’t quite know how to tell you this so I’ll just blurt it out – your going bald dude!

  4. I am very impressed. Great photos! I cannot believe you were able to get them out to everyone right away and I LOVE the energy of the group. I am so excited about the future and I’m looking to getting to know you all really good!
    (Can I use the photos and text on the website)

    Thank you


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