Don’t believe everything you read

ibookg4.jpgBoo-hoo. Rumors that today would herald the announcement of a new consumer MacBook are apparently untrue. I suppose we will all have to be patient. It’s encouraging that there are also expected to be iPod updates. I’m not even going to speculate on those changes, however. I was all jazzed for this today, and wonder if the rumour mill may have actually backfired – causing Apple to delay this release, just to spite the leakers.

Apple Computer’s highly anticipated line of Intel-based MacBook consumer notebooks may not turn up on Tuesday as several online reports and analysts have suggested, AppleInsider has learned. Although Apple reportedly began manufacturing the notebooks over a week ago, sources say the Mac maker is unlikely to unveil the computers until the following week at the earliest. The 13-inch widescreen notebooks will reportedly arrive in tandem with changes to the company’s iPod line.

( via AppleInsider)

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