Version 2.0


Greetings and salutations. I’ve been longing to redesign ye olde for a few months now, and found it so very simple to quickly install WordPress 2.0, pick a nice theme, and add a handful of enhancements during my lunch hour. I’m very pleased with the result – much cleaner, hopefully eaiser to use (note the font size control at the top of the right column). Shout-outs to Jerik One (developer of the Lush theme), PhotoMatt (creator of the Sidebar Widgets architecture), and the creators of all these fine widgets: Weather widget & Plugin, the FlickrRSS widget, Covers, XboxLive Gamercard, Netflix widget and plugin, the Category Cloud widget. Please take advantage of the comments feature to tell me what you think!

Update: I’m aware of some problems with the navbar appearing in Internet Destroyer Explorer. I’ll work on this after our evening out tonight – if the margaritas don’t do too strong a number on me.

2 thoughts on “ Version 2.0”

  1. I think the new look is great! Very clean, very Web 2.0. Nobody uses MSIE anymore, do they?

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