Sam Starts Off the New Year with a Bang!

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It has been far too long since the blog’s been updated. The past several weeks have been awfully busy for everybody, so the blog has been neglected. Sam has been moving ahead by leaps and bounds. He had a great visit with his Uncle Jerry and Grandma Rita in Savannah a few weeks ago. He has also given his parents a wonderful present for the New Year – he is now sleeping through the night!!! (Most of the time, anyway). He wakes up on occasion, but now soothes himself back to a slumber. (Most of the time, anyway). He has also begun to table walk with a fervor – yesterday, he went round and round and round the coffee table in the living room. He also loves to push his baby walker around the house – or any other object he can lean on! Amy swears he’s said the word ‘YES’ several times – but he doesn’t have any idea he’s said it.

It looks like we are entering the dreaded Teething Phase II (TPII). Looks like ol’ snaggletooth will have a pair of pearly whites on top to match his bottom ones. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the whining, clinging and generally demanding waking phases give way once this teething is over. Of course, Mom and Dad just whine right back – which usually elicits one of Sam’s trademark smiles.

Here’s a photo update for those who need a Sam fix.

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