Lava Lamp

One of our favorite adventures on our honeymoon to Hawaii was our stay in Volcano Villiage at the Bamboo Lodge and the nightime hike out to the Kilauea lava flow. Last week, some 40+ acres of land fell away into the sea, exposing a rare sight – a lava waterfall. six feet in diameter and plumeting 45 feet to the ocean below, the waterfall appeared after the shelf collapsed over the course of 4.5 hours last week. On our visit in September 2003, there were a handful of active vents, enought to see the lava glowing as the sun set, and to realize how thick the stuff actually can be – much more like oozing rock-like mollases than streaming water like I had always perceived it from photos and video. Anyway, it’s quite a sight to see – I highly recommend a visit to Kiluaea if you ever are on the Big Island.

Photos from web site.

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