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I’m late in posting several important Sam updates. First of all, he had his second haircut the week before Thanksgiving. This time, we went much shorter, and boy does he look cute. His hair had been growing like wildfire, so we figured we’d avoid monthly haircuts by being a bit more aggressive this time around. In other news, we have TEETH! We suspect that this has been the cause of Sam’s recent nighttime fussiness, but he seems to be on the rebound. He now has two of his lower front teeth poking out, and continues to love to chew on anything he can get his mouth on. ON a related note, Julie convinced us to let him try a Cheerio while we were in Boston for Thanksgiving, which he sort of choked down. We tried the following day again, this time with the little cereal bits softened with a bit of formula. That went much better for Sam and his parents. And in a final bit of news, Sam actually slept through the night on 11/29 while we were in NYC. We’d had a very long day with him the night before (dinner with the Golus/Celadonia clan at Serafina) and put him down around 10pm. When we woke up in the morning we realized he’d slept all night Hoorah!

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