iChatAV on CNN’s Situation Room

Cnn1 You go Wolf! On the debut of Wolf Blitzer’s new show yesterday, our favorite blog reporters Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton held a webcam interview with Joichi Ito, who then wrote about the interview on his blog. Joichi explains that Abbi had found him via a mention on another weblog (BuzzMachine) where Jeff Jarvis discussed Ito’s op-ed piece on the anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons over Japan. Macworld UK also talks about the use of the technology.

Link: Macworld UK talks about the use of iChatAV on CNN

Link: Ito talks about his appearance on CNN

Link: CNN’s show page for The Situation Room

Update: TVNewser has a round up on reax to the first broadcast.

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