Moblog & My New Treo 650

Yesterday, I became the proud owner of a Cingular Treo 650. This is an upgrade from my 2-year-old Sprint Treo 600. The biggest advantages of the new device is the muchly improved screen and backlit keyboard. The other advantage is that I’m on Cingular/AT&T’s network. The GPRS network from Cingular already seems to trump Sprint’s CDMA technology. And Cingular actually has an SMS system that works in timeframes of seconds, not hours. The other great feature is the higher-resolution camera. Shutterbug that I am, I had tried and failed to setup my old phone to transmit photos to my blog. But with the new phone, Versamail setup with my email, my account at, and good ol’ reliable Moveable Type, my mobile photo blog is now up and running. The picture quality won’t be great, but think of this as a modern take on Lomography. And it will probably be the first location we post pictures of Baby Trotz when that blessed event occurs!

3 thoughts on “Moblog & My New Treo 650”

  1. so im thinking about purchasing a treo650. would you recomend it? How is the competition? Do you think there is something better than the treo650 or comparable? what do you like best about the treo?

  2. well, having only had the thing for a day, I’m still ironing out some issues. it seems pretty solid, but i’ve had a few weird resets and such. among this ilk of devices, I have loved all my previous treos (300 and 600). it would be tough for me to walk away from them now…

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