Kudos to CNN

Nice to see my employer, CNN, getting a tip of the hat from USA Today. CNN has created the first regularly scheduled segment on the blogosphere. Seen weekdays during Judy’s Wooruff’s Inside Politics, the brainchild of new CNN head John Klein launched on February 14th. Klein is quoted:

“We want to demystify blogging,” Klein says. “We want to peel back all those layers and also do a reading of the blogs that our audience doesn’t have the time to do.”

I couldn’t agree more. Yeah, if you’re reading this blog you probably have already heard most of what they talk about each afternoon – but the segment goes a long way toward educating the other 99.999% of America what blogging is all about. PS – They are using a couple of spiffy Macs for the segment. What’s not to like! ;-).

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