10 Days and Counting

This is it. Ten days till Baby Trotz is due. From here on out, I plan to try to blog daily as we enter the final stretch. And stretching we are – Amy feels like it’s a whole new ball game recently – the baby’s new head-down position has made the last few weeks a whole lot more interesting. We bought a large inflatable birth ball to help ease the stress on her pelvis. Amy loves it. As for other preparations, we picked up the glider from The Baby’s Room on Saturday, and it looks great in the room. We also had to visit our new neighborhood Target on Moreland Ave (Yay! No more trips to Buckhead for Target!) and picked up a CD/ClockRadio/Nature Sound Machine for the room. And I’ve finally found a good use for that old Lava Lamp – it’ll make a groovy night-light. We also picked up one part of the artwork we were having framed for the room on Saturday. As you faithful readers know, we’re going with the animal theme for the room. Amy saw a nice idea where three book illustrations were matted together into a bigger piece, but we’ve done something similar, except with photos of mine from the Atlanta Zoo. We’ll have three of these in the room, and the first set featuring a lioness yawning, a zebra looking over his shoulder, and a giraffe stretching his neck looks great! We used a spiffy brown glossy burlwood frame and safari-esque pale green rice paper for the matte. Come on by and see it sometime!

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