Watchmen Movie?

WATCH_bb.gifOne of the best graphics novels ever, created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon back in the mid-80s, looks to finally be moving closer to becoming a movie. Slashot covers a Reuters report that Bourne Supremacy director Paul Greengrass is taking the helm after another director dropped out of the picture due to scheduling conflicts. I care for two reasons. The first is that this crime drama could make for an amazing, if somewhat geek-centric film. The other is that I bought this baby at a rock-bottom price on, and hope it adds a few million more to my Hollywood Stock Exchange portfolio. For those of you who haven’t seen this thing – it’s rather like a fantasy stock market game for movie buffs. Buy low, sell high, short options – I’ve been playing this thing since 1998. I started with $2M of their ‘Hollywood Bucks’, and have a portfolio worth over $150M now. If that had only been real money…sob.

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