Boston’s Other Big Dig

Boston's Other Big DigLook at what’s happening inside Fenway Park! After 86 years, we take the pennant – and the entire outfield is stripped down to dirt. I, for one, would like to own a patch of that grass! Anyway, this work is all part of the park expansions announced earlier this year. Click the image to see an up-to-date view of the activity at America’s best ball park.

I’m keeping tabs on the construction in one of the rotating webcams I monitor with the super-spiffy Konfabulator application. Since my office is a bit of a cave, it’s nice to know what the world outside looks like. Konfabulator is a small application which runs desktop ‘widgets’, you know, like the feature Apple is ripping off with their concept of widgets in Tiger, the next version of OSX. Anyway, I run a couple of windows from the very flexible Web Images widget. In one, I keep the local ABC affiliate’s downtown Atlanta webcam there all the time. In the other, I rotate Atlanta weather radar, home page images from, &, as well as a few webcams around the country. I’ve got Mount St. Helens, a Manhattan cam, a few in Savannah, GA and several from Boston. One is a Fenway Park cam from Weatherbug’s ‘Instacam’ service.

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