Flickr Word Cloud

Found this spiffy tool today that creates a tag cloud out of all the tags in my Flickr photostream. Clearly, I take a lot of photos whenever I visit Rochester, and no surprise, photos of ‘Ourkids’ dominate as well.

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Snowy Rosalia

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Snowpocalypse to come?

Ready for the snow to head our way. It’s just barely entered the state (far to the Southwest), but should be here this evening. Too bad the forecast says it will switch over to sleet/freezing rain sooner, limiting accumulation. Hope folks stay safe, especially if the storm produces more ice than snow – as that’s a real killer on roads, powerlines, etc. Ready to start marinating short ribs to cook tomorrow – cause comfort food simmering most of the day is always the proper companion to a snowy day! Check my webcam here for current conditions!

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A year in words…2010 edition

2010 Wordle

The image above, created at – creates a beautiful rendering of a source text – in this case, my 2009 ramblings on Twitter – and creates an image giving greater prominence to more frequently used words. Read on for some other examples. Or head over to Wordle and try it for yourself.

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Malware Warning

Just in case you do happen to visit ol’, want to let you know that the malware attack that flagged my site seems to have been eradicated. I had to reinstall WordPress and delete my old gallery php app, but all seems well now. Google should ‘bless’ the site again soon. My apologies to anybody who was scared off by that!

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GPCP Fall Photos, 2010 Edition


Another year, another installment of portraits of the children at the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool.

In a continuing trend, my frame count rose from 1600 in 2008 and 1800 in 2009 to over 2000 this year – and I think we managed to get everyone. Many thanks to my friend Joel Silverman (an amazing commercial photographer) for lending his lighting gear, as well as to all the volunteers who kept things rolling. It was all wonderful until I threw out my back moving one of those massive planters at the Grant Park campus – hopefully the physical therapy will cure that issue soon. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

A few children were photographed outside of their class time slot or were given more time to regain their composure, so you may find photos of your tots in non-consecutive order. Leaf through the  galleries to be sure you’ve seen all there is to see!

Also, please note that  these images have only been briefly color corrected and retouched. Once you pick your images, I will review them again for color accuracy, cropping, etc, so don’t be deterred if you think your little one looks too light or dark, etc. And remember that these images will work great at any size

To order prints: please download this PDF file and complete per instructions there. Checks made out to GPCP can be dropped into the envelope in either campus office  marked “Fall Pictures Orders” by Friday, December 3rd. Remember, all proceeds benefit the GPCP, so order plenty for all your family, friends and loved ones!


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Bat Mitzvah in Boston

The family headed North to Boston for a great Bat Mitzvah celebration with Eytana and the rest of the family in early March. We had a chance to spend some time with Seth, Cynthia and his boys as well and generally had a grand time in New England.


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San Diego

Out in the San Diego area in late February for the annual IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, I took the family along to enjoy what we thought would be some warm west coast weather. That weather was unseasonably cold, but that didn’t deter us from hitting two of the high points for the family-friendly set, Legoland USA and the San Diego Zoo. Legoland was a huge hit with the boys, as you might imagine, and despite living two blocks from one of the better zoos around at home, we were blown away by the scale of San Diego. Awesome!

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Hot Inside the Perimeter

So many of my friends ask me – what the hell is that foursquare/gowalla/brightkite thing I see popping up on your Facebook, Twitter or blog feeds. Well, for those not in the know, it’s possibly the next big thing (or possibly just annoying). Anyway, these are all so-called LBS or Location-Based Services. These services are all variations on the idea of ‘checking in’ to physical locations via a GPS-enabled mobile device to let your friends know what you are up to. Some, like Gowalla, involve a game of sorts, where virtual objects are available for pickup when you check in, rather like a virtual version of Geocaching. Gowalla ran a scavenger hunt in December for actual prizes – t-shirts, $10 iTunes gift cards etc – and I managed to find an iTunes card on my last trip to NYC, although I’m still waiting for the card to arrive. Anyway, as seen above, there is this spiffy site Wheredoyougo that creates a heatmap of your check-ins by using the Foursquare APIs along with Google maps. No surprise there that I pretty much stay ITP (or at the airport, ahem). There’s also a cluster of activity up on Buford Highway where I drag the family to get our ethnic on as frequently as possible ;-).

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A Year in Words

Screen shot 2010-01-02 at 11.54.02 AM.jpg
I’ve wanted to post this since we entered 2010 – so I’m not too far behind. The image above, created at – creates a beautiful rendering of a source text – in this case, my 2009 ramblings on Twitter – and creates an image giving greater prominence to more frequently used words. Read on for some other examples. Or head over to Wordle and try it for yourself.

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